Meet Dr. Bennett

Dr. Bennett has a reputation for technical excellence and compassionate patient care

Since the beginning of 2005 he has been focusing his energies on the management of venous disorders at VenaCare. In the latter half of 2011, John added laser and radio frequency technology to expand the skin care services offfered at VenaCare.

Dr. Bennett is an expert in image-guided management of varicose veins and venous disorders

  • Graduate of McGill University medical school, Montreal, Quebec
  • Radiology Residency, University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, Ontario, Canada
  • Fellowship in Interventional Radiology, Duke University, North Carolina
  • Practiced interventional radiology and imaging guided therapy 1989-2003, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Appointed Associate Professor, Diagnostic Radiology, University of Western Ontario, 1995
  • Published many peer-reviewed articles and several book chapters on interventional radiology
  • Served on the executive board of the Canadian Interventional Radiology Association as well as several academic committees

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