EVLT® – Endovenous Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins The procedure was very successful and was performed with very little discomfort. Dr. Bennett and Heather Bennett are very friendly as well as very professional. I felt at ease during the whole process. I definitely would recommend having EVLT. – Bev I am very happy with my results and I was pleasantly surprised at how painless the treatment was. – Yolanda This is the best thing I have ever done for myself; I now see that I waited way to long to have this procedure. The results are fantastic! Thanks Dr. Bennett – Trish Dr. Bennett was very good and the treatment was very comfortable. I highly recommended VenaCare to everyone. – Lily Dear Dr. John and Heather (The “A Team”!) Many thanks for your expert care and amazing bedside manner. You both have a special way of calming any anxiety pre- and post-procedure. – Sally
Spider Veins / Sclerotherapy I have had spider veins for many years. Lately, I have had several treatments on a group of small veins on my left ankle. I am very pleased with the results, and my ankle looks normal again. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with concerns about the problem with spider veins. – Maureen I had spider veins for over 20 years. It was amazing to watch them disappear! It was much more affordable and even more effective than I thought. Thank you! – Connie
VariLite Laser “This experience was wonderful and certainly exceeded my expectations! I was amazed at the difference in the appearance of my skin after several hours! There was very little discomfort, and my friends kept commenting on how good I looked but they couldn’t figure out why – that will be my secret. I would highly recommend this.” – NF (VariLite laser performed to treat facial veins and sun spots)
Apollo Radio Frequency “Okay, we have all taken our hands and pulled back on the sides of our necks to tighten the skin and thought if only….Well, after a series of relaxing and warming massages with Apollo I have a much younger appearance to my neck and jaw line. Thank you VenaCare!” – RK

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