Costs of Treatments
EVLT® The price for a cosmetic venous consult (including ultrasound evaluation) is $150+HST for one leg, $250+HST for both legs. The price for EVLT starts at $3,000+HST for one leg and $5,000+HST for both legs (when performed at the same time). At VenaCare®, EVLT treatment includes microfoam injection of the treated leg(s) at the time of EVLT as well as up to two follow-up microfoam sclerotherapy treatments (of the treated leg(s) within one year). Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy starts at $300 per leg, per treatment. (EVLT is a tax-deductible medical procedure in Canada)
Spider Vein Therapy/Sclerotherapy Your Personalized Spider Vein Treatment Plan Includes:
  • Initial assessment with a Clinic Nurse ($50)
  • Individualized Treatment Plan approved by a physician
  • Recommended schedule of sessions, treatment areas and costs
During your initial consultation the nurse will recommend the best treatment plan for you and provide a detailed cost of treatment.  The minimum charge is $150 for a 30-minute treatment.  Typically most spider vein treatments using injectable sclerosants will not exceed $225 per session. Most people will require a treatment plan of two-to-four treatment sessions. For large spider veins such as deep reticular veins, the doctor may recommend the patient receive ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy. Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy starts at $300 per leg, per treatment.
Cutera VariLite Laser Initial skin consult  is $50. The nurse will review your areas of concern and outline your treatment plan. You will be provided with a full cost of treatment for your consideration.
Apollo Initial skin consult is $50. The nurse will perform a test area trial to introduce you to the technology used. If you are agreeable you may purchase a 6-week or 8-week treatment plan and appointment schedule.Costs depend on the areas requiring treatment.
Botox for Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating BOTOX® Access Program – Recover the cost of the BOTOX® used for your first hyperhidrosis treatment at VenaCare The BOTOX® Access Program at VenaCare®, sponsored by Allergan® will reimburse patients for the cost of BOTOX® used for the first hyperhidrosis treatment at VenaCare®; if your health insurance coverage does not.
Cost of Procedure:
Please note: the cost for treating hyperhidrosis varies as each patient will have different requirements.
  • Axilla (underarm) – $200 (includes one vial of medication)
  • Each additional vial: $50
Re-imbursement step-by-step:
  1. VenaCare will complete on your behalf a BOTOX® reimbursement form and fax it to the pharmacy.
  2. The pharmacy will then start the reimbursement process on your behalf. You will not be charged until the pharmacist speaks to you.
  3. Within one business day, the pharmacy will phone you to inform you of your insurance coverage for the BOTOX® medication.
  4. If your insurance coverage does not cover the cost of the BOTOX®, Allergan® will cover the cost for the first treatment.
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